Investors and investee must identify the risks and the opportunities associated with the business under consideration. Conducting effective financial due diligence will help investors identify critical current and future value drivers. These diligence findings will support the investment thesis and allow for strategic structuring of a transaction to protect against decreases in value.


Our professionals assist investors by taking a comprehensive and independent view of the target company’s historical and projected financial performance. Key cash flow drivers and associated risks and opportunities are communicated in a clear and concise way, providing a complete picture of the financial realities of the business. Financial due diligence procedures include quality of earnings and working capital normalization analyses, as well as cash flow and forecast analyses.

Our professionals are also experienced in providing tax as well as corporate law due diligence services. Diligence procedures include investigating income, sales tax, service tax and corporate law filing positions, assessing potential risks, quantifying exposures, and recommending appropriate courses of action. Our tax professionals also provide tax structuring services.

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